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I’m Still Alive + Rocket Bits v0.4!


Look! I’m still alive! It’s been far too long since I’ve written a post or done an update on Rocket Bits… it’s surprisingly hard to find free time with a new baby and a full time job! But things have started to settle down a little and I’m able to start devoting more time to making games again!
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Rocket Bits – Idea Voting & Discussion


Here’s the Google Moderator link if you don’t want to view it in the little window below:

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Rocket Bits – Mini-Update – New Lighting


Mike Wildermuth ( creator of Cannonball Bounce ) gave me the great idea to show mini-updates here on the blog with pictures and videos! So here’s the first of hopefully many future “mini-updates” to give you guys a peek at how they’re coming along.

Check out this video showing off the new lighting system inspired by Wallaby and Mike:
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Two-Minute Offense


I really got into football this last season! What does a game developer do when they get really into something? Make a game about it!

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