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I’m Still Alive + Rocket Bits v0.4!


Look! I’m still alive! It’s been far too long since I’ve written a post or done an update on Rocket Bits… it’s surprisingly hard to find free time with a new baby and a full time job! But things have started to settle down a little and I’m able to start devoting more time to making games again!
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Rocket Bits – Idea Voting & Discussion


Here’s the Google Moderator link if you don’t want to view it in the little window below:

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Rocket Bits – Mini-Update – New Lighting


Mike Wildermuth ( creator of Cannonball Bounce ) gave me the great idea to show mini-updates here on the blog with pictures and videos! So here’s the first of hopefully many future “mini-updates” to give you guys a peek at how they’re coming along.

Check out this video showing off the new lighting system inspired by Wallaby and Mike:
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Rocket Bits: Update #1 ( Night #1 )


First full day of getting awesome feedback from everyone! I’m really excited that you guys all are sending me your ideas! It’s really fun to read them all and every single one sparks some new possibility, tweak or insight about the game… really, really cool!

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Two-Minute Offense


I really got into football this last season! What does a game developer do when they get really into something? Make a game about it!

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Bad Code


A friend sent me this xkcd comic the other day:

Good Code

Pretty funny… since it seems to happen a lot in the game industry. But then I started thinking about “bad” code in general. Is it really all that bad?

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DOOM-Style Renderer


I’m gonna start this blog off with something I did about a year ago. It’s a DOOM-style “3D” renderer in Flash! It uses textures from the original Wolfenstein… ah, memories.

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